Sweet Arting

One Girl's Artistic Adventures


The images and poems in this blog are the work of Teresa Hubley, a weekend warrior raised by a mother who is a serious painter, surrounded by art. The goal is to promote the pursuit of art for art’s sake in an unapologetic and joyful spirit. The message is that art is for everyone, a worthwhile and uplifting experience whatever your measure of talent. Above all, go have some fun with it!

About The Title: The most obvious titles are all taken by the hordes of artists already blogging out there. It was not visual art but a recent project to read through Shakespeare that spawned this title, derived from Romeo and Juliet’s “Parting is such sweet sorrow…” Here we deal in joy, not sorrow, and its root is art.

About the Haikus: I began writing the haikus in April 2016, poetry month, and ended in mid-April 2017. Because I have been posting them in the order they were written and I started posting later in the year, they are always several weeks “behind’ in time. My only rule for them was that I had to write at least one a day. They started with the typical theme of nature but eventually branched out to capture moments from my life during the year (a car crash, the loss of a pet, a vacation, and even the election of the new U.S. president). They are posted with snapshots from my IPhone. The entire year’s worth of haikus is now available in free e-book form at Smashwords and in low cost print at Blurb.

About the Featured “About” Image: The pattern above is called “Pollination” and was made in ArtWeaver, a free art program with many drawing and painting tools and the ability to apply layers

PS: For more wordiness, try my writing blog at writerswroot.wordpress.com