I was thinking about the question of whether I have any emerging themes, projects, or personal techniques in the work I have been doing the last couple of years.  The question came to me in the context reading about Lee Krasner, who, like me, experimented a great deal with different approaches (that’s the only parallel I dare to draw).  Of course, there is the recurring “Burned Bridges” series that probably has related entries outside this post. Aside from those pieces, however, there are several that incorporate vaguely alphabetic or numerical figures. This started as an homage to graffiti (which generally seems mysterious and indecipherable to me but interesting in form) and expanded after seeing the work of Zao Wouki in a show that came to our local museum.  This artist used Chinese calligraphy as inspiration at various points in his career, often adding semi-obscured scraps of writing into his images.

I have decided to go back and tag all the items in this blog (including “Marginalia”, the image attached to this post) that seem to belong to this grouping with the word “Cryptocipherbetic“, which is a fitting term since it’s completely made up.