This digital image made in ArtWeaver made me think of my youth when I prized visits to Disneyland, where you had different colored tickets (real paper, kiddies!) for various rides. There were more of the lower level tickets for the more ordinary rides (like the children’s “Teacups”, a series of spinning teacups) and fewer for the more elaborate rides ( such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”–which, in those days, had no Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom aboard and no one ever heard of the “The Black Pearl”). My aunt, who lived near the Magic Kingdom had a drawer full of the “lesser tickets” left over from many visits by young relatives. One of my favorite rides was “It’s a Small World,” which connected with me as a small child just returned from Africa.  One of the lines sung by the international “cast” of robotic kids was “It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears, a world of hope and a world of fears…” I felt they were reminding me that you can choose which to emphasize. I always chose hope. I still do.