I named this digital image made with ArtWeaver after the memorable Moki Dugway, the sort of road you like more to have once traveled (and tell stories about) than to be travelling on right now. The scenery, overlooking canyons and mesas as far as the eye can see, is spectacular but the road itself is hair-raising, especially in a rented vehicle. The first time we drove it, we had no idea it was coming. We just came up to the edge of a cliff in our puny sedan and found ourselves looking straight down at a narrow, unpaved track that shinnied down the wall to the valley floor (which looked about 80 miles distant and felt like it too on the way down). We actually voluntarily drove it again several years later with our young son. At that time, I recall saying, “I forgot how much I hate this &*#$!  road…Sorry, kiddo.”